Dangers for our feet from "innocent" flip-flops

They are comfortable, soft, lightweight, they keep you cool and you can wear them quickly. Along with watermelon and the sea, they are identified with summer like few other things. They are our favorite summer flip flops. Unfortunately, however, as with almost every favorite habit, they also hide small and large and some even serious risks. Let's see below a list of some of them:

Scratches, cuts.

With flip-flops our feet are exposed and so minor injuries may arise. The friction with the often sweaty feet might lead to blisters as well.


In order to keep flip flops in place we have to exert force by bending our fingers a little (or a lot several times when we haven't bought the right size or if they are poorly designed) in the shape of a hammer. This constant movement of the fingers makes them stiff over time and causes pain not only in the fingers but in the whole foot as well.

Ankle sprains

The absence of a support structure of the foot often leads to small or even large sprains. Even if the sprain is small, it weakens the ligaments and continuing to wear the flip-flop can soon lead to a vicious cycle that will end up leaving major problems.

Plantar fascitiis

When you wear flip-flops, your feet hit the ground hard with every step. Flip-flops have zero arch support. Over time, this puts a strain on the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is the thick band of connective tissue that starts at the heel and extends down to below the heads of the five metatarsals, where the toes begin. When inflammation occurs, plantar fasciitis develops. This condition can be debilitating as it makes walking extremely painful.

What should I do

First of all, we suggest that you wear the right flip-flops for your feet! They should hug and support the foot properly, have the right dimensions, the ideal hardness and they should only be used for a few hours a day.

Then we suggest you to have a foot massage at regular intervals during summer to restore your feet to their original condition and give them the well-being that is necessary for the whole body.

The soles are the points that support us throughout the day, helping us to stand, move and go wherever we want. The strain caused by the use of flip-flops on a daily basis is unavoidable. What we can do is to take care of them as they take care of us.
Massage, with its special finger-pressing and stretching techniques, of feet and soles works precisely on the points where they are particularly stressed, increases good blood circulation, reduces swelling and relieves swollen feet in general and gives back the feeling of freedom in your steps.

Discover everything you want to know about foot massage as well as information about our price list, our space and the options we offer at the following link:



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