Cupping therapy: An alternative therapeutic approach

If you are looking for effective ways to deal with unpleasant physical symptoms that are making your life difficult, cupping therapy has been a unique method for dealing with these issues for decades. It may prove to be one of the most pleasant and effective ways to relieve yourself of tiredness and muscular pain as well as any other irksome symptoms inflicted on your body by even a simple case of the flu.

Unfortunately, as you know winter does not only bring your favorite holidays with it, but also a spike in infections. These, like the common flu, mostly regard the respiratory system. Read below, how cupping therapy can help your body recover in depth after such a case.

What is cupping therapy and how is it performed?

First, let us mention a few facts regarding this method of massage. Cupping massage is widely used by specialized therapists. Technically speaking, it is nothing more than what you imagine.

The specialist performs therapeutic chiropractic moves and utilizes specially-crafted suction cups. They are essentially the same with the ones your grandma uses. They are famously used as “traditional medicine” by elders!

The way things look, cupping is more than just a therapeutic “myth”. The data seems to confirm the change it makes on your body can truly be of help.

How does cupping therapy affect your body?

To be more specific, we need to explain how exactly it affects your organism. This way, you will more easily understand how these changes can help you. The key-point on which this method rests regards the improvement of blood-flow.

As the data points out, suction cups in conjunction with massage boost the circulatory system. In short, cupping massage supports the unobstructed operation of your blood vessels. It increases the free flow of oxygen and helps with the removal of harmful toxins.

Furthermore, you should know that through the enlargement of the blood vessels that increases your blood flow, you may rid yourself of symptoms of cellulite and local fat. It is a multi-effective therapeutic method.

Why cupping therapy after a viral infection?

We have already mentioned that winter is viruses’ favorite season, especially the ones affecting the respiratory system. Most common being the common flu (rhinitis). The last few years, of course, we have also had to deal with the threat of Covid-19. This year, however, an increase in flu infections, which normally manifests during spring, has been observed as well.
These illnesses, other than the fact they are caused by viruses, have one thing in common. That is the muscular and joint pain they can cause both during and after infection. So, if you have recently been through one of these viral infections, it is very likely you are still experiencing its physical symptoms.

Cupping therapy guarantees your swift recovery from these symptoms. It will help reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation in an alternative and natural way.

We wholeheartedly recommend trying out a unique cupping therapy session and witness its results. Don’t forget that we at Touch&Relax are always near you for any inquiries or details regarding our services.

Contact us to discuss your problem and provide you with a unique offer!


Take your relationship to the next level with Couples Massage

The day of celebration for lovers is coming close! This year, it might be your chance to try something different. We have a special idea to recommend that will breathe new life into your relationship. With Couples Massage you can get that much needed touch of refreshment.
Through this special method, you will give yourself and your significant other the best possible gift for Valentine’s Day. Read next, the details regarding couple’s massage by Touch&Relax.

Why choose couples massage?

On the occasion of Lover’s Day, we believe it is the ideal chance to come closer to your partner.

The reasons why we unreservedly recommend this are numerous. With a common appointment with your partner, you simultaneously relieve yourselves of mental and physical stress. You relax, calm down, and refill your batteries together. It is a two-way emotional rejuvenation, while at the same time you refresh and tone up your bodies.

You can dissipate negative feelings and improve your mood and mental state. After a successful Couples Massage session, you will be fully ready to enjoy your romantic dinner. It guarantees an incredible personal moment that you will enjoy to the utmost.

What will you get out of a Couples Massage session?

The purpose of this category is to combine the physical and mental benefits of common massage sessions with the rejuvenation of your relationship. Through couples massage you will manage to get rid of all the things you share in your daily life like: anxiety, irritability, and tension.

Valentine’s day is getting closer… don’t be late. Book a Couples Massage session that will gift you moments of euphoria and calmness.


Dangers for our feet from "innocent" flip-flops

They are comfortable, soft, lightweight, they keep you cool and you can wear them quickly. Along with watermelon and the sea, they are identified with summer like few other things. They are our favorite summer flip flops. Unfortunately, however, as with almost every favorite habit, they also hide small and large and some even serious risks. Let's see below a list of some of them:

Scratches, cuts.

With flip-flops our feet are exposed and so minor injuries may arise. The friction with the often sweaty feet might lead to blisters as well.


In order to keep flip flops in place we have to exert force by bending our fingers a little (or a lot several times when we haven't bought the right size or if they are poorly designed) in the shape of a hammer. This constant movement of the fingers makes them stiff over time and causes pain not only in the fingers but in the whole foot as well.

Ankle sprains

The absence of a support structure of the foot often leads to small or even large sprains. Even if the sprain is small, it weakens the ligaments and continuing to wear the flip-flop can soon lead to a vicious cycle that will end up leaving major problems.

Plantar fascitiis

When you wear flip-flops, your feet hit the ground hard with every step. Flip-flops have zero arch support. Over time, this puts a strain on the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is the thick band of connective tissue that starts at the heel and extends down to below the heads of the five metatarsals, where the toes begin. When inflammation occurs, plantar fasciitis develops. This condition can be debilitating as it makes walking extremely painful.

What should I do

First of all, we suggest that you wear the right flip-flops for your feet! They should hug and support the foot properly, have the right dimensions, the ideal hardness and they should only be used for a few hours a day.

Then we suggest you to have a foot massage at regular intervals during summer to restore your feet to their original condition and give them the well-being that is necessary for the whole body.

The soles are the points that support us throughout the day, helping us to stand, move and go wherever we want. The strain caused by the use of flip-flops on a daily basis is unavoidable. What we can do is to take care of them as they take care of us.
Massage, with its special finger-pressing and stretching techniques, of feet and soles works precisely on the points where they are particularly stressed, increases good blood circulation, reduces swelling and relieves swollen feet in general and gives back the feeling of freedom in your steps.

Discover everything you want to know about foot massage as well as information about our price list, our space and the options we offer at the following link:


Massage after the marathon: How to recharge your batteries?PROPOSAL OF THE MONTH – NOVEMBER  22

Whether you're a professional athlete or a recreational long-distance runner, there are recovery techniques that will interest you.

In recent years, we have seen an increased preference of road athletes for marathons, multi-kilometer walks and outdoor sports.

If you share the spirit of the category above, then you must know how you can make your body recover and “heal” after such activities.

Touch&Relax's massage techniques are specially designed and adapted to the athlete, and will relieve and stimulate you from the very first session.

See below how you can strengthen your body's health after such strenuous exercise as the Athens Classic Marathon.

Massage and sports

Before talking specifically about long distance running, it’s worth saying a few words about the role of massaging in sports in general.

It’s widely known, scientifically documented and accepted, that as professional or recreational athletes, massage can benefit you in many ways.

After a successful sports massage session, you will feel your muscles relax and your body "open".

The stimulation and revitalization of the muscles, combined with the mental well-being you obtain, are essential elements to continue smoothly with your sporting duties.

In addition, we must emphasize the important role of massage for the recovery of any injuries that occurred during exercise.

A very large percentage of the physiotherapy rehabilitation from injuries, like sprains and bruises, can be exclusively consisted of massage.

The special circumstances of the marathon

As far as the marathon is concerned, there is something to comment on.

 Whether we are referring to the official professional route of 42 or so kilometers, or simply to very long distances, the strain on the muscles is excessive.

Working the muscles continuously for such a long period of time under great tension, very often leads to muscle destruction and breakdown.

This is the reason why a large number of athletes, even professionals, report that after the marathon they suffer from muscle pain, dyskinesia and stiffness for several days.

In fact, according to scientists, such great strain can lead to irreversible damage.

So, you need to be aware of all this when you are running long distances and know how to protect yourself from these unpleasant phenomena.

Post-marathon massage: when and why?

After completing such an exhausting activity, your body "shouts" that it needs support

With the unique services of Touch&Relax performed by highly qualified staff, you will feel the relief and relaxation from the very first moment.

So, you can offer your body the necessary breaths of rest and stimulation.

Regarding the post-marathon massage, the truth is that it will take a little more work to restore the muscles.

Given the extreme strain on your body, a single session right after the marathon will certainly be able to relax and tone you up, but it won't be enough to get the maximum benefits.

For this purpose, it is necessary to create a personalized plan with certain sessions at predetermined intervals so that you get top results.

Our advice is if you are interested in the post-marathon massage (but also any type of massage in general) to contact us for details.

This way, our expert massage therapists will be able to recommend you the right solution at the best prices, and will inform you about everything you need to know, even about any contraindications for post-marathon massage.


Touch&Relax — listen to your body!



Lymphatic massage and detoxing: a combination of health and elevation

Are you too looking for ways to improve the quality of your health in an alternative and effective way that is out of the ordinary? In fact, we have a recipe to offer you that guarantees sure and safe results, and is 100% more "enjoyable" than common methods. You probably know that toxins don't have a positive effect on our bodies, but have you found the right way to get rid of them? Read on to find out how the combination we suggest can change your everyday life.

What are the toxins?

Let's begin from the basics. Toxins are various substances that when concentrated in high amounts, and over a long period of time cause problems in your body. Toxins do not necessarily have to come from a microbe or contaminated food. Any substance can act as a toxin, even water if you take it in excessive doses over a long period of time.

 Why do you need detoxing?

Detoxing is nothing more than the Greek word "apotoxinosi" (detoxification) which, however, in this particular case is achieved through diet. In other words, you can follow specific standard recipes in your diet in order to benefit in terms of detoxifying your body. Based on what we mentioned before, we believe that the answer to the question why you need detoxing is clear. In general, Detox diets are gaining more and more ground in the field of dietetics-nutrition thanks to their excellent results and benefits. We have tried and we do recommend an excellent spinach smoothie that will cool you down and fill you up at the same time.

How does lymphatic massage help you?

The lymphatic massage, among its multiple benefits, also includes the greatest gift for the body that this article is about, and that is detoxification. The techniques used in massage, especially when performed by specialized and experienced therapists, can give you excellent results. The reason is because during a lymphatic massage session, trapped toxins are released, various swellings subside, and localized fat damages are repaired. In addition, the massage strengthens and supports the good circulation of your body. It essentially acts as a "restart" of your physical functions. It's no coincidence that it is recommended by many specialist doctors as a supportive treatment in various chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Detoxing+Lymphatic massage

If you put together the information you've read so far, we trust that it's very clear what the end result of combining these two detoxification methods will be. Essentially, the actions of the two together bring about multiple beneficial effects in your effort to get rid of toxins. If you start a series of new eating habits designed for detoxification (detox diet) and at the same time begin lymphatic massage sessions, the results will surprise you. In a short period of time, you will acquire not only the ultimate summer well-being but also a noticeable improvement in the quality of your health, which in turn will provide unique rejuvenation to your body. Concluding our article, let us remind you that toxins can be particularly harmful to your body, with a series of unwanted manifestations such as premature aging and problems from the digestive system. Try the treatment strategy that we strongly recommend, the combination of detoxing recipes and lymphatic massage, and you will remember us!

Don't forget also to take a look at our offers on lymphatic massage sessions.


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