Touch & Relax Massage Boutique

Massage by Experts

Welcome to Touch & Relax Massage Boutique...

We have created for you 2 careful places of quality and effective mixing in the center of the Southern Suburbs, Glyfada and Voula, in order to meet your need for rest, relief and improvement of your daily life.

Our experienced and qualified therapists have as their concern to listen carefully, to recommend the ideal treatments depending on how you feel or need and to ensure your stable high quality of life. We maintain the hygiene measures thoroughly and prepare our place every day with passion and love so that you always feel relaxed and welcome. Our goal is to adapt, personalize and maintain wellness to each individual person.

You can feel safe, you and your company, that 362 days a year is at your disposal, your therapist, with his smile and knowledge, in order to make the body and the mental mood go up!

Why I should visit Touch & Relax Massage Boutique often

Touch & Relax Massage Boutique, with its vast experience and knowledge in the field of massage, ensures for you a number of important advantages to ensure your relaxation, well-being and quality of life on a daily basis:

  • Affordable prices in all massage sessions, without the slightest discount on the quality of service
  • Ability to serve simultaneous sessions (two to four)
  • Certified and experienced physiotherapists with skills for personalized treatments depending on how you feel and need that moment
  • Two specially designed massage areas in Glyfada and Voula
  • Massage sessions 362 days per year and on Sundays / Holidays (from 12am to 8pm in the shop of either Glyfada or Voula. Ask us!)
  • Certified and experienced physiotherapists with international diplomas

Why do I need regular massages?

Massage with its beneficial properties has always been used as a means of rejuvenation, pain reduction, stress and stress control, weight loss and better sleep. Since ancient times massage has been a source of well-being, relaxation and rest from muscle aches, while many cultures have adopted it in their lives, enjoying through it balance in body and spirit.

So why do I need a massage?

In all kinds of massages, it is the body itself that undertakes the treatment, bringing the necessary relaxation and well-being, while teaching us to coexist harmoniously with it. The pressure exerted on our body by the therapist during massage, whether soft or more intense, unlocks the physical healing property of our body and restores us to a state of calm and balance.

Some of the therapeutic massage properties:

  • fights stress
  • reduces physical pain
  • Adds shine to the body
  • Rejuvenates skin cells
  • Offers more quality sleep
  • Gives energy
  • Creates a feeling of well-being and joy
  • Reduces weight by increasing blood circulation


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